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Seems like a first post should be a simple introduction: my name is Chris and I'm a freelance videographer in Richmond. I've been doing that for last 10 years. I found an initial interest in video work as a kid just roaming around my house filming anything I could (on Mini-DV tapes or VHS-C tapes, for the other geeks out there). Nobody else in my house seemed to enjoy it at the time, but a recent digitization of all those tapes has proved that even the most mundane things are worth filming. See the video below for me attempting to roll a tire at "field day."

My first paid video work was a swim meet at NOVA of Virginia Aquatics. I was maybe 16, and I was simply there to make a short highlight reel for the parents - no real pressure. Years later, after trying to sharpen my skills in high school and at VCU, I would end up finding a career in live sports production. I've worked for different networks, teams, production companies, etc. in various roles. Some part time, some seasonal, some "as-needed."

Inside the TV production room at Colonial Downs, Summer 2022

In 2016 I started RVA Productions in order to pursue wedding videography. This was a great way for me to fill in the gaps in my schedule, and still do what I love. I soon realized that engaged couples weren't always putting videography as a top priority (that's another blog post in itself). So I tried to position myself as an affordable option for those who maybe don't need everything that a wedding video could be. I currently do around 15 weddings a year, trying to book them around my other video commitments.

And so now, after booking the occasional "corporate" video gig (and second shooting on others), I've decided to try on my own and work with businesses who need some video work. I'd like to approach this the same way I handle wedding videos - helping those who need production work, but maybe not all the bells and whistles that can raise the costs. Of course, I'm more than willing to tackle the big projects! So whatever your needs are, give me a shout and let's try to make something happen! And I promise I won't be as clumsy as I am rolling a tire.


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